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Disaster Recovery Solutions
Imagine the following scenario: You have an important presentation for a potentially new big client tomorrow morning, all the files are securely stored on the server in your office you’re just about to save them to your memory stick to take with you but the network goes down and you can’t access them. You investigate and find that the server is off and it won’t switch on. You think “that’s OK we have the backup tape from last night”, but the only tape drive is in the server and the server is off. It’s Sunday night and you’re the only one working, you call the IT helpline and are told that an engineer will be there first thing in the morning. That’s not good though, your presentation is at 9am tomorrow AND it’s a 2 hour drive to get there. What do you do? Well on this occasion, unless they are VERY understanding, you’ve probably lost that new client BUT if you had a disaster management procedure then this kind of scenario would have been foreseen and you would have a step by step solution specific to YOUR environment that could have saved embarrasment AND a lost potential client. We can help you plan for such scenarios and provide you with a printed disaster recovery procedure (yes, printed. It would be useless if it’s stored on the server now wouldn’t it?) AND the tools to implement it. To book a completely free and no obligation visit, chat or quotation, Click HERE or Call 01903 786117.