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Computers are pretty reliable these days but lack of regular maintenance can still cause them to fail. For the same reason that we service our cars, vans and motorcycles, we should also service our PCs. Most PCs have fans to help keep them cool. Fans attract dust, dust builds up and acts as an insulator and can cause a component to overheat and subsequently fail. CPUs can run 40 or 50 degrees Celsius HOTTER than they should just because of a dust build up around the heatsink. Conditions like that will fry a chip in very little time. It’s therefore a good idea to keep your PC clean and dust free inside. If you’re not confident dabbling around inside your PC then we can do it for you. For a fixed £45 + VAT fee we will collect your PC, clean it thoroughly inside and out PLUS we will also scan it for viruses and spyware (AND remove them), check the hard disk for errors and de-fragment it using our intelligent de- frag system that re-arranges the file locations for optimum performance, clean up the registry of any invalid or old entries AND apply various other tweaks and little known modifications to get your machine running smoothly again. Book NOW, Click HERE or Call 01903 786117