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Antivirus & Security
If your PC all of a sudden feels slower than usual or if you notice other strange activity then you may be the victim of a virus, spyware or some other form of unwanted malicious software (malware). If you spend a lot of time on the internet then don’t be fooled into thinking that a “free” antivirus like AVG Free or Avira will protect you 100% because they won’t. These antivirus providers will tell you themselves that if you want to be fully protected you should upgrade to the “paid for” version. At Core Digital we use and recommend NOD32 Antivirus and Internet Security from ESET. We are also ESET Partners and can supply and support the full range of ESET products. If you think you have already got a virus then simply installing a good Antivirus and hoping for the best will usually NOT get rid of the virus, most viruses these days have complex protection mechanisms that will stop the Antivirus product from installing properly. These usually need manual removal combined with a range of tools and techniques to ensure it is fully removed. If anyone tells you otherwise then don’t believe them, or expect to get the virus back sometime soon. We have been successfully removing Viruses for more than 10 years WITHOUT losing customer data. For a fixed £45 + VAT fee we will collect your PC, clean it thoroughly inside and out PLUS we will also scan it for viruses and spyware (AND remove them), check the hard disk for errors and de- fragment it using our intelligent de-frag system that re-arranges the file locations for optimum performance, clean up the registry of any invalid or old entries AND apply various other tweaks and little known modifications to get your machine running smoothly again. Book NOW, Click HERE or Call 01903 786117